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Thread: Place diverter

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    Jim Brock
    Used hyd. place diverter,fits berelely etc, earlier one dosn't have the little flat in front of the reverse, just sandblasted,to be polished or powder coated, has new reverse gate,new lines and wires, complete with pump and slave cylinder, $400.00, Jim

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    Isn't that the one we talked about for the Bahner Jim?

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    what do you mean about the little flat spot?
    Iam looking for a diverter.

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    Jim Brock
    The newer model has a little flate spot in front ot the reverse exit,that keeps the reverse snout from scooping water when you run a droop snoot, you can stiil run one,but it is preffered to use the newer one with the droop, Jim

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    Jim Brock
    Diverter is sold, Jim

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    Originally posted by Jim Brock
    Diverter is sold, Jim
    Jim when is the next swap meet-Dave

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    Jim Brock
    next swarmeet is feb 29th, long beach, Jim

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