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Thread: Mobile Video help/info??

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    Looking at putting a video system in my Yukon XL(and eventually a very basic one in my boat to fulfill a prior promise to my daughter.). I am going back and forth between a large drop down, or multiple headrest monitors.
    Looking for any and all suggestions. Trying to do as much research as I can. I want the install to be as clean as possible. I know some of you have systems in your vehicles, what do you have and what do you like/dislike?

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    I think a 13" flip down is made. That thing is huge in the vehicle. The headrest monitors are specific to what angle the person in front has the headrest positioned. I would do the biggest flip down available.

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    We have an Alpine flip in the wifes car. It has a swivel mount and has good off axis viewing for the rear seat passengers, but is quite obtrusive when its down. If you don't mind having your view blocked, go with a 10 inch drop down for the 2nd row seats and a 7 or 8 for 3rd row....Anything larger than that is too bright to watch...IMHO...
    If you don't want the dropdown blind spot( it really annoys me), go the vizualogic/epic headrest packages... They are cost effective and are an easy do -it- yourself install... One of the posts in the headrest is hollow and has the wires run through it, so it looks clean...
    Recently, my daughter and wife broke the drop down mechanism by forcing it shut. After I get the replacement part and fix it, I'll also add headrest monitors to both sides... Makes less conflict in the backseat among the kids( my daughter and her friends) when driving...No more " but I can't see it" going on.....
    Hope this helps...

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    Anyone for a 32" plasma in their car?

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    Thanks guys, it does help...
    I have checked out Alpine's website, it looks like the biggest drop down they make is a 7". If I am going to do a drop down, I think I want bigger.
    I stopped by Al & Ed's and looked at what they had to offer. They tried to pitch a Rosen 10.4" drop down. I will admit the screen looked good in the display. Anyone have any opinion on them? They also make a retro-fit console that will house my rear air controls as well. The actual screen case was a two-tone tan, which would look good with my tan interior. I was inquiring about a 15" screen. The salesman was telling me that at that size, the screen gets blurry?? Is that because they are not using Active matrix? I wouldn't think you would have any problems, unless they are doing something like Dual-scan? I don't know. As I said, I am just getting into it now. Are there any good enthusiast sites/forums for me to go get some more information? Looking for some non-biased reviews(or at least as close to non-bias as I can get, everyone has favorites.)
    I also have an opportunity to buy Nesa products at good prices. Anyone know anything about them? From what I saw, they looked good, but I'm still looking for feedback. I'd rather get something I am going to be happy with, rather than something cheap.
    The plasma is neat , but way overboard for what I am looking for.. Looks like an item for SEMA..
    I am still giving the blind spot issue some thought. When I am towing the boat, it will be a non-issue as I can't see anything but the boat anyway. But trips to Mammoth, Tahoe, etc, it will be annoying.. Hmmm.. Still comtemplating that issue.
    Keep the information coming, I am absorbing all I can. Thanks.

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    Active matrix, hmmm. Good point. Have you ever priced an LCD panel tv for the home? 15's are still running around 1200.00.... 20's are hovering around the 2k mark... Now I'm going to haveto check this out... Thanks
    There are some pretty good Car audio forums out there.. I have logged in my favorites.... Some really good forum catagories...
    I like some of the Rosen stuff. The consoles they have available are pretty nice.
    A coworker of mine will only go with NESA, but I think that the price he gets it at from a buddy of his who ownes a shop has a lot to do with it... I watched disney movies in both of his NESA equipt cars, and the DVD picture looked prety good...
    Ultimately buy what looks best to you....Always remember that you get what you pay for...

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    Waht Al&Eds did you stop by? We do offer discounts for forum members (ontario store)
    I would recomend that you either stay with rosen or go with the vizualogic kits for headrest. The vizualogic headrest do have the ability to tilt, to accomidate the angle of the seat.

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    I stopped by the La Verne store. I sent you a PM. Thanks.

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    What part of La Verne are you in? i have relatives who live on Amhurst/Fruit...

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    I live in the North/West part of La Verne. I am probably about a mile from your relatives. I drive right by there probably twice a week to get crickets at the pet store on Fruit/Foothill. Let me know next time you are in the area.

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