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Thread: Mercury 888

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    I'm looking for the drive ratio of my 888 stern drive...and will it work with my new combo...I'm replacing my 302ci with a 347 stroker...Guessing about 360 to 380hp....400ft.pounds of torque....Russ...

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    It should be 1.5 to 1 and it will be iffy with that torque and hp

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    hi russ,
    that is the same setup i have now, watch out how you control the throttle, these old outdrives dont like a lot of power at once.

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    I see a blown outdrive on the horizon http://free.*** J/K

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    I see a blown outdrive on the horizon http://free.*** J/K

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    lghtnin33.....What is your engine combo and boat size....Now don't everbody laugh at my "Hot Boat"....Glastron V-205 Gulf Stream...Engine spec....600cfm Ebrock carb,Ford Motor Sport RPM intake,ported 289 Quench heads 1.84/1.54 valves,KB.Hyper flat tops...10.25:1C.R. And a Engle ep22h cam....512lift 230dur@.050....109lobe center. Oh! and a Eagle stroker kit just came in today....Any changes i should make before it's in the boat???
    What breaks in the 888 drive???I re-bearinged my drive and it looked in good shape...really good for a 27 year old leg...Got'a love fresh lake water....Russ..

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    hi russ,
    Im like you i dont have a "Hot Boat" so to speak but those chevy guys better watch out for the small block fords (light weight and torquey). oh, about your drive ratio Tinkerboat is right it should be 1.5 to 1. I too am doing some work to my motor just the upper end until i can get a hold of a good 351 block. i have a sea ray/srv 193 single step cathedral hull.I went with Holley Pro-jection (TBI) 670cfm, edelbrock rpm air gap intake,full port and matched 289 pre-thermactor heads with 1.94 int./1.60 exh. stainless is a crane 364211 roller,also have kodiak exhaust with silent choice for weight and sound. i am looking at 325hp/370ft/lb of torque @4500 with an 80% eff.
    about the outdrives, i know more about motors than outdrives and have had my eyes open about them. ive been told that the 888 is good up to 260hp anything above that and failure is soon to follow if your heavy handed.

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    If your running a lot of cam make sure you run the gears a little tighter ( gear lash ) I broke the upper set idling due to too much lash. also I broke the bottom end twice -- the little springy thing that holds the pin centered in the shift rod that goes down the center of the prop shaft. If the spring comes loose the pin flies out one side and it gets into the gears ( it isn't pressed in -the spring just holds it centered ) VERY POOR DESIGN ... by the way I was running over 500 hp with mine and always started in gear.
    [This message has been edited by Tinkerboater (edited March 26, 2002).]

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    Just pulled my leg off...(stern drive not MY leg)Hope to pull the 302 out this weekend...Need the flywheel and balancer to balance the stroker crank,, and i twisted the drive coupling out last trip out last summer...Had to pull the engine anyway so i thought i might as well stroke it...(the engine) Anybody know of good exhaust manifolds for my 347???Was looking at a set made buy HI-TEC,,,but i don't really know anything about them ...
    Tinkerboater,, I run this cam in my 302 and had no trouble shifting,,the idle was a little on the lumpy side...the 347 should tame the cam down a little bit....Russ...P.S. I do like running her as hard as i can.(the boat)

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    Russ I don't remember what the specs were on the cam I was running but it was a solid roller and the engine was 11.5 to 1 comp. It did thump quite badly and wouldnt idle under 900 rpm in gear but boy would it scream.

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