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Thread: Been asked to leave!!!!!

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    betty boop
    I guess someone didn't like my post on invisible mode, and for some reason thought I was talking about them, and has pmed me and has asked me to leave the boards, go figure....what should I do??????

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    Do what everyone else here would trash and refuse to leave. :wink:

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    STAY! We all know you were talking about me. Maybe it was someone elses wishful thinking.

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    no it was me...I'm just gonna shut the **** up,tired of head games

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    betty boop
    Maybe I was ignoring this person and didn't know it!!! Bad me, bad me....oh well, I guess if I get another eviction notice I may have to pack my bags....

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    betty boop
    why is it that if one makes a general observation and has fun with it people get their ass hairs in such a ****in knot - I am sorry for the fun, it won't happen again.....if you couldn't take a joke maybe you should have let me know

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    betty boop
    oh and by the way - it was NOTHING PERSONAL - just having a little fun...:yuk:

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    post what i pm'd then

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    Did you forget to pay rent?

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    betty boop
    i think i did - the cheque is in the mail!!!
    hoolign - if you want to make this a public issue, i will, but then the whole story would have to surface, and we don't want that do we????

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