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Thread: 460 Still For Sale price reduced

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    Hey everyone- My old 460 Ford that came out of my Hallett is still For Sale if anyone could use it. I am currently under construction on a new motor. This basically stock 460 with a Isky 280 mega cam is very healthy and ran great in my boat for the past two seasons. Has an Edelbrock Torker manifold and Holley carb. Comes with some chrome Edelbrock valve covers, a single carb bassett scoop. The motor needs a pan and pickup, a flexplate, and front pulley. Whoever buys will also need exhaust of some sort whether the boat is set up for OT's or has holes cut for through the transoms. This a reliable low compression motor that pushed my boat to 58 miles per hour with a tired pump. I was asking 1500 but have dropped the price down to 1,000 obo and am entertaining offers. I can be reached at 310-344-2555 and my name is Travis.

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    I'm flexible on price being that a few accessories are needed. Need to sell soon as new project is demanding cash.

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    Scape Goat
    Could you post some picts of the motor in the boat and some current pict. out of the boat.

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    Brian- Pics are under thread "Complete Ford 460 For Sale" put up about a month ago by Hackjob. I think it is on page 5 if you go back a bit. I don't know how to post pics or I would put them up here for you. I went back and found them failry easily. Let me know when you want to go take a look at it.

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    Thanks, Steve! The new motor is coming along nicely. The crank, rods, pistons, rings, bearings, and camshaft are in the motor and the cam has been degreed. The oil pump, pickup, and pan are on the motor and the Edelbrock aluminum cylinder heads have been bolted on. The timing chain assembly, front cover, water pump block off plate, and dampner are all bolted up. I will be picking up pushrods at Service Center later today and then we can finish putting the valvetrain assembly together. Next week the manifold and carburetors will be put on along with the ignition and then we can fill her full of oil and put it on the dyno. I hope to have numbers by mid to late next week. As for the boat Jeff Bennett came down last weekend and did the bottom work removing the hook. The pump parts are over at Afco sandblasting in Gardena getting stripped and this weekend Tyson and Chris Lloyd and I will be powdercoating everything white. After that's complete the boat will go back to MPD for the jet to be assembled and re-installed with a droop, ride plate, shoe, and new loader. It will be a completely rebuilt split bowl pump convereted from a C bowl 1-piece to a 2-piece G bowl. It's all coming together! With the horses I will be putting out along with the pump work and bottom work I am hoping for 80. We shall see!

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    What's the casting number on the block?

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    Ty- I will have to look at that this weekend as the motor is over at Chris and Tyson's Dad's house. PM me your # and I will call you with the casting number.

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    hack job
    Ty its a 71 block and 73 heads
    block reads d1ve
    heads read d3ve a2a
    hope that helps

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    Yes that does. Thankyou
    Unfortunately I have a D1VE on the way over here from LakesOnly. I was trying to get a DOVE if anyone had one laying around If it was a DOVE then I would be snatching it up.
    I do have a client who's looking for a BBF for his new Stang project. Let me see if he's interested in this motor.
    PS. Thanks Travis and Tyson for getting me that info.

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