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Thread: Anodizing???

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    Is it better to polish before you anodize parts??? If you dont polish and have it anodized what does it look like? Help quick please!

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    If you don't polish the part it will look just like it does now but with color. It will not be bright or shinny.
    I had all my stuff polished and it came out looking bitchen.

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    Can I polish it myself????

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    you tell me? can ya?
    It's messy but pretty easy. I used to do all of mine but have been sending it out lately. Does not cost as much as you would think.

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    What do you use to polish the parts?

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    What are you going to polish?
    Start with sandpaper, depending on how rough the piece is to start off, you can begin with 100 grit and go up to 600 or 1000 grit depending on how smooth you want it.
    After you sand the parts smooth, you need to buff to bring out the shine. Use your grinder or drill with the appropriate size buff pad. Then get buffing compound to "cut" the shine into the piece. Jeweler's rouge works well on aluminum.
    Like SD said, it's not hard, just messy. I did my foot throttle a few weeks ago and by the time I got done, it looked like I had spent the day in a coal mine. I was covered in black and my garage is covered in a layer of black lint and dust.
    Good luck.

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    repo man
    you might consider translucent powder coat ,doesn't fade as fast or scratch as it's more imune to cleaners like simple green.

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    UBFJ #454
    Powder coating is Far Better than anodizing ... Costs about the same plus you don't have to polish first, just fine emory.

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    Originally posted by BEAR_454PE
    Powder coating is Far Better than anodizing ... Costs about the same plus you don't have to polish first, just fine emory.
    I do not agree.
    Power coat has it's flaws too.
    My biggest reason for not using it is it makes your parts thicker. I spend all this time to make something right and it comes back a different size after powder coating.
    Number 2 is that I do understand that it does not fade like red anno would but it chips. And when it chips it looks worse then a little fadded anno.

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    Has anyone every had screw in snaps (for your canvas) anodized? I recently had to install them along the side of my boat, and I hated doing it, but what else to do? I couldn't attach them to the window trim, and I wanted my trailer cover to go over the glass. My thinking is that when I paint the upper half of the boat red next year I can anodize the snaps and they will be a little harder to spot.
    I've still got to wax around them though.....

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