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Thread: Thru tansom exhaust/volvo penta

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    Is thier some reason why I cant do a thru transom exh. system on 225 crownline with a volvo penta.I have the 5.7 GXI-DP SBC with thottle body inj. HP rating online says 320 is this correct.The sales person told me 280.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Dennis Moore
    There shouldn't be any reason why you can't go with a "through the transom exhaust" but you will be unhappy if you are looking for any performance improvements on a small block Chevy. Be sure that you use tips with flappers AND external salsbury type flappers (use both).
    Dennis Moore

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    Will this help performance at all.I was planning on changing exhaust manifolds.They want 1700.00 for the side exit exhaust.I rather spend the money on a better manifold.

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    Dennis Moore
    I don't know what exhaust manifolds you have (Mercruiser or Volvo) but I have installed all types of different high performance manifolds on Big Block Chevy marine engines and it always makes a big difference but very seldom have I been impressed with installing high performance manifolds on small blocks. The small block doesn't have the exhaust volume of a big block and the performance increase is less.
    Check out the GLM small block exhaust manifolds. They are very reasonably priced, are a direct bolt on and increase performance as well as anything else.
    GLM is in Monrovia, California 626-357-0077, they are the manufacturers but will tell you where you can buy them.

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    I'm interested in the same mods, more for the sound though. Thanks for the info Dennis.

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    jstwkd & SchellSchock, If you want the nice sound & a little power on your small block I'll say good luck but DON'T go with the side exhausts. They don't sound quite right, kind of listening to a 4 banger on each side I think the merging of the two exhausts near each other helps each one compliment each other hence the nice sound you get! And you may want to install a switchable exhaust so at times you can hear it & other times its quiet. I call it the Bitch switch & let you figure out the rest.
    [ September 09, 2002, 04:41 PM: Message edited by: gnarley ]

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    Makes me wish I could put a crossover tube on exhaust like my cars, (Suburban and Vette both with Small Blocks). Seems to mellow exhaust note while still sounding Baaaaad!

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    Dennis Moore
    If you have a Mercruiser with "through the prop exhaust" you do have a cross over tube. It connects the exhaust manifolds before it enters the transom.

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    I'm running a 2000 Volvo 5.7GSi,DuoProp, F8's will ThruTransom help any?????

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    Hey jstwkd,
    Have you tried the Crownline website? I bet you could find all your answers their. I have seen Crownlines with the side and hull exhaust and I agree the thru hull sounds better. I just saw a new Crownline two weeks ago on the lake, it looked around 23' and had thru hull exhaust and sound great.

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