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Thread: If you doze off behind the wheel......

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    you'll end up like this guy ---->

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    I guess that gives a new meaning for head on collision...saw that on another site...freakin crazy...

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    darn thats gonna leave a mark....:O

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    how did they get that? where did it come from?

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    What do you expect from an Earnhardt fan?

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    He almost made it out the back window. Wonder if he lost his head!

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    I think the most difficult road to stay awake on is the 40 for those 100+ miles to Needles. All I can say is thank god for those warning strips on the side:eek!:

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    Krazy K
    Those warning strips (ribs)saved my life once when I was driving up to Chico one night when I lived down in SoCal. Next truck stop I slept for a couple hours.

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    son of a "BIATCH"!!!!! how did anyone get this on video?

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    So what you are saying, is if you are going to sleep, be sure to wear your seatbelt???

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