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Thread: What brand plug, heat range ,& gap

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    1st time ever owning a motor with nos. it is a 468 bbc 10.5 to 1 motor,steel oval port heads, tr w 2-660 c/s with 125 nos on each.
    if more info is needed for answer let me know!
    i have no knowledge in this matter and have heard that u have to run a smaller plug gap, because the nos will blow out the spark.
    i'm no motor head so keep it simple. i just want to do this right to lessen the chances for a big boom !

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    Peanut plug (5/8 socket) or regular plug (13/16 socket)?

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    5/8 peanut/small plug

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    NGK-R5674-7 to start. Projected tip #7 heat range. #6 being hottest heat range while #10 being coldest.
    Projected tip and 7 heat range will show color quickly and "flash" the end on the plug (slightly melt it) before engine damage. Use to tune.
    Then go to #8 or #9 heat range when tuned. That meaning R5674-8 or 9.
    Gap the plug by what ignition system you have. Never heard of nitrous blowing out spark.
    More about plugs go here:
    Reading plugs...note the first picture of last thread I gave you. Idea is to burn the base cad off the plug. That's enough. No rounding of the center electrode.
    If you're not going to use NGK plugs. Forget the tuning on this post.

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    thanks for talking the time to reply and fully address the issue.
    i will print this info and use it in application.

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