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Thread: V-Twin Stuff

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    American episode, and a very good show tonight. Lots of custom stuff.
    Speed Channel.

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    Kilrtoy...did ya see it...if not ya missed a good one.

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    I keep thinking it comes on at 8 and I missed it, what was it.....

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    All custom stuff, Builders etc. They did a nice piece on LA Choppers and a few other Builders. Also some footage from the LA Custom Bike show. All in all one of the better American Thunder shows I've seen.
    Bro...I try to give ya a heads up...

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    You always do I just forget to check it at the right time......

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    But for some reason it's showing it an hour earler 9-10 PM eastern time...Speed Channel.

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    Two wheel's here!

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    Caught the tail end, Damn that OLD BROAD is hot....

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    Just a heads up...again. American Thunder and Corbins Ride On.

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    DAMN they moved everything an hour up,
    SO once again I missed it.....
    i dont think it is meant to be seen by myself.
    whats your email,
    ill send you a pic of the ne family Edition
    comes in thursday

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