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    Drunk tank
    Wheres a good place to get new aluminum trim at? Mine is bashed all to hell...even comming unriveted in a few spots. worst part is climbing in the boat from the water and tagging a loose river; they can take a little flesh with em.

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    Jake W
    You should call this RUB RAIL.

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    Drunk tank
    my bad.... I dont know that much about boats lingo so i was just stickin with car lingo.

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    L&L Marine, Anaheim CA

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    Jake W
    No problem what kind do you want the Alum kind with the rubber incert.Or the all rubber kind?I have gotten the last 3 sets I bought from a Jet boat shop in Oklohoma called LCK Marine ,Dan orders it a few sets at a time so the shipping is less.It has to come on a truck and trailer so the cost of shipping is expensive.If you do find a place to send it UPS it will be cut in to 6 foot lenghts so there will be twice as many joints(=sucks).I think he said he ordered it from L and L?
    CP Preformance sells it they call it Molding800 225 9871
    And you might call Rex Marine to see if they do 909 392 7300 Mike post on the board hear so mabey he can chime in hear if he can stand to read a jet thread

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    Jake W
    See I guess he does make it over hear still.We must have been posting at the same time.

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    Occasionally I stumble into a thread that looks drama free.

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