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Thread: Need help please!!

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    I have an Alpha1 and the trim is broken and I need to fix it quickly. The trim is located on the throttle and it has a toggle for up and down trim plus a button to bring it up all the way up for the trailer. The toggle will move the outdrive down but will not bring it back up, I am however, able to trim up the boat with the trailer button. I took the throttle lever apart and inspected the toggle and it is fine, I also hard wired it and it still wouldn't trim up which leads me to believe the mechanism that stops the outdrive from going up too far is malfunctioning. Anyone have any ideas or have a diagram that shows me where everything is. Thanks in advance

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    I would check your indicators on the of them (can't remember which side it would be) may have gotten out of adjustment.

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    Thanks for the advice, I figured out what it was right after I made this post and it was exactly what you said. Ho's that new boat of yours?

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    Ian - The new ride is awesome. The ride is sweet not to mention the extra 15 mph!

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