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Thread: Glamis President's Weekend

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    Here's the photo gallery
    Glamis photo gallery (

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    HDD, nice pictures. Is that your car? the paint is awesome and the truck looks great

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    Just got page one, looks like great weather out there
    Never been to Glamis (yet) what is with the place with all the money hanging around

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    Was anyone else from the boards out there this weekend?

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    Glamis is as only dangerous or as bad as you want to make it. Its just like the river. I have had countless amounts of trips to the sand, by far Glamis is the best. Just don't get too crazy and keep your eyes peeled.

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    I haven't been to Glamis for 7 years. I was supposed to go last weekend but didn't. I've heard it just isn't the same anymore. The night rides used to be unbelievably awesome. Now, I hear very few run at night since they closed Comp Hill. Sure am glad St Anthony's is close to me. If anyone is interested in a summer dune trip, I'll be at St Anthony's the last week in June.

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    Plenty of people still run at night. I do it every night when im out at Glamis. Theres nothing like duning at midnight with a group of people. Stop in the middle of the deep dunes have a couple of drinks and checkout all the stars.
    Glen thanks for taking Rod away for me. He was killing my business!
    Glamis is still my number one destination in the winter time. I put it right up there with the river as far as entertainment value goes.
    Unleashedclothing ( :devil:

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    Glamis is still cool. It's just changed over the years like everything has. Going next weekend, can't wait to roost!

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    HDD, Thanks for the pics. Looks like it was a Blast!

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