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Thread: Anyone recognize?

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    anyone know who this is and where it is more importantly?

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    Steamin' Rice
    Wasn't that pic with a story on the boat in ***boat a few years ago??

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    That looks like Topoc Gorge

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    That was in Hot Boat a few years back with a write up about the boat. It looks like it is Havasu on the AZ side South in between Copper and Steamboat.

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    Jungle Boy
    All's I see is a MILF

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    I don't know who it is but I think they tied up next to me last summer in Steamboat. Looks real familiar.

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    Thats easy !! She's that one girl, on a boat...out at the River !! DUH !

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    Originally posted by Jungle Boy
    All's I see is a MILF
    That is what I am talking about a M.I.L.F

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    Jungle Boy
    I tossed her phone number away in the morning because I didn't think I'd ever asked to indentify her. :frown:

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