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Thread: Gelcoat and or Painter leads??

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    Ok...I originally was going to use Havasue Barney this year for some gel work but he is no longer going to be available.
    So let's here it...The good and the bad of the painters and or gelcoaters. I already read Havasue Barney's thread on recommendations...but let's here about some SoCal vendors from..let's say all of California (willing to travel for good work).

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    What are you going to paint? I thought you were selling the crusader.....

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    Jet Hydro
    What happened to Barney?

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    hack job
    from what i hear Todd is the man. Tgr is the place. contact Toddnjuzz on the boards .
    or there are lots of other places out ther let me know if you need there names.

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    Originally posted by 78Eliminator
    What are you going to paint? I thought you were selling the crusader..... boat and Chevelle are always forsale....
    today the price may be "X" amount...but I can guarantee every day that goes by it increases to "Y" and then finanlly "Z".
    Ok...back to the thread's topic. Gelcoat and Painters. From what rumour has served it looks like Havasue Barney is no longer going to be "free" to work for ***boaters but more or less the State. So with that said I'm looking for someone who's willing to do killer work. Hell he could have started working yesterday as far as I long as it's top-notch work.
    Don't mind blowing motors left and right...those are easy to fix....but Gelcoat is going to be a one time deal with me.

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    Posted by Hotcrusader76
    Don't mind blowing motors left and right...those are easy to fix
    Wish I could say that

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    flat broke
    I have seen work from Barney, Todd, Joes Tooling and Sal at OC boat repair. Todd and Sal's work is similar, with the exception that Sal has way more years under his belt, and had done more complex gel schemes that I haven't seen from Todd yet (I know that Todd prefers very classic lines, so that might be the reason why). I have only seen one boat done by Joes tooling, and it was Spectra Brent's 24 which came out great as well. As for the Barney poster boats, that would be Ty's 19' Spectra, and Superdaves Schiada, so just ask the owners of those boats about their impressions. By volume of completed boats and the most know how, I'd say you'd look towards Sal at OC Boat Repair. That being said, I'm sure Todd will be in business for a long time as well with the quality of work he is puting out. Joes Tooling seems to do good work, but from what I've heard, if you dropped your boat off tomorrow, you probably wouldn't get it back by CBBB.
    My advice, line up a weekend when you can drive up, check out all 3 shops and some of their work then make your decision. I'd also drag the boat along with you so that accurate quotes could be given which might factor into your decision. Also talk to the owners of boats that have been done by each to see what they have to say about working with the various gel coaters.
    I will tell you that when the boat get's de-rigged for new gel this fall, I will probably be deciding between Sal and Todd.

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    Whipped Caliber
    Try Amaya Gel-coat and fiberglass repair. He did repair on my new boat and it turned out great!!! His name is Jose (909) 536-4662 his cell

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    You only have two choices Todd or Joes Tooling:wink:

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    Todd did Cyclone's boat correct?

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