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Thread: Pocket Bikes Sold Out!!!!!!!!!!!

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    damn..we sure did it..Ron sold out of all the pocket bikes!!! I called up friday to buy a few more and there all gone..But the good news is in 3wks he is getting a new supply. THese are going to cost an extra 20-50 dollars but they are suppost to be full bearings and a bit faster. also with the full body kit. He is going to call me when he gets them...I will go take some pics and post them.

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    The full ferring bikes have different rims and tires. A bit taller bike but not as fun. Email PACKINAIR for info.
    I started a new Pocket bike thread in Bench Racers. I have to be a 43-47 by now. Will know about the carb bore today! I`m hoggin` everything I can on this one. I`ve still got 4 more.

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    Well lucky I got 14 of them in yesterday. Should be sold out by the weekend.

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    did u get them from ron???and if so when???

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