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    i bought a 1968 holmes horizon flatty and im getting ready to start to rebuild this year. transom was shot and electrial was bad. i cut the top off the back and the transom and floor have been removed. think of hanging a 175 mercury on it unless someone has a better idea. i need some input on the floor and transom replacement. i think it had 1/2 wood on the floor, no stingers as this is a flatty. so any help or input would be great. feel free to im me or email. thank you

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    I'm always looking for an Input

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    Try posting in the v-drive forum, but you may want to reword that post first, if they hear you're hanging a wacka off the end of a flat they may go apeshit
    Or if you're dead set on weed whacker power, post it in the outboard forum...theyd have fun with it
    Oh yeah, I say put it back together...can't beat a restored flat

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    dr. margarita
    Originally posted by LASERRAY
    I'm always looking for an Input
    Me too...especially in the "bad place":eek!:

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    Originally posted by dr. margarita
    Me too...especially in the "bad place":eek!: He He He I hope you've had better luck then me

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