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Thread: Alpha impeller replacement

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    Is there a good website anyone knows of that details how to change the impeller in an Alpha One drive?

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    Well it really is not hard job..
    Put drive in forward..disconnect speedo tube from lower unit..remove bolts holding lower..most have 4 bolt on the sides, 1 in the back, also you will have to remove the tab to get access to the bolt in the front...once all the bolts are out, it will slide out...becareful it is kinda also might have to trim up a bit to get lowerunit off (so it dont hit ground before it is out)..once unit is will have 4 or 5 bolts holding the water pump housing on..also there should be a rubber O-ring over the shaft...remove O-ring..slide pump housing up over shaft...then you will be able to slide water impeller up and off the shaft...
    Inspect the pump housing for cracks and wearing and warpage...replace is needed...
    then just reverse steps to reinstall..
    Hope this helps....once you get in there you will see it is a hard job
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    I hope what you meant to say is "once you get in there, you will see it is NOT a hard job".
    Thanks, Rick

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    LOL..after you do it one time you will see there is nothing to it...
    just make sure it stays in forward and make sure the water pickup tube is in when you slide it back on

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    dego red
    Also, don't forget to drain the oil........

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