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Thread: Texas justice

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    Mark Sims
    Three assholes in seven days got lethal injection. This guy they got last night burned his house down with his two daughters in it! Hopefully we will set a new record this year for killing murderers. God bless Texas.

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    Can we export some of our losers to Texas for some Lone Star justice?

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    Overcrowded Prisons??? I know how to solve that problem.

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    We need to send that F#cker, Kevin Cooper from So Cal. to Texas to FRY HIS ASS!!!!

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    dr. margarita
    How about that effing bastard in Florida that killed that beautiful little girl? How would ya like to 10mm Glock and drill one through his skull?:yuk:

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    Woo Hoo, go Texas!!!!
    BJ(let me at that switch)H

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    Didnt bush come from TEXAS,
    Hell yeah hang them high

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