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    Hello Hot boat forum,
    I have a question concerning thru- hull exhaust. My brother in law would like a Quiet -choice system set up in his 23' Searay 5.7 Merc with thru prop only exhaust. I know...its not a "***boat ", but how difficult is it to do a set up like this? He wants to route the exh. to the sides, not thru the transom. Corsa carries a diverter with a 90 deg. elbow built in and he has some 4" 40 degree side exit tips picked out. How to locate exit point? Just mark and cut?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Tom Brown
    Does he know how dark and dirty the exhaust is going to make the hull?

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    Is the boat mobile or is it in a marina? The guys over at B&D Marine can probably give you some direction. I called them today about some exhaust work. They gave me some good information and they seem pretty fair. Great article about them in HB Mag this month. Give Brian a call over there at 626-443-3721 and see what he thinks.... Good luck!

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    Seems like a lot of work to go out the sides and not thru the transom, especially with a silent choice option (is that even possible, seems there would be some pretty radical bends?). Most of the time when retrofitting with silent choice you're looking for the system to fit, so I would check to be sure it’s feasible first.
    Why out of the sides anyway, just trying something different/unique?
    I had a friend with a 20’ Wellcraft runabout (350) that he retrofitted with thru transom exhaust…sounded nice but no performance gain. At $2,200 to do that, I told him he should explore selling the boat + $2,200 and buy a used performance boat.

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    Thanks for the replies,
    No more work than thru the transom! Just more pipe.
    Corsa carries a diverter for this application that has a 90 degree smooth bend at the exit ( P13092). 4" Side Exit Tips are made for this application , also.
    What I need to know is any tips or tricks on locating the exit point? How high above the water line should they be? How do the exhaust tips seal to the hull? What works best to cut the hull?
    Need to do this right the first time and will not pay someone else to do it for me.
    He wants side exit for two reasons: Because its different and because Sea Ray did not recommend going thru the transom - it has a wierd looking double step on it. Don't know.
    $2200!!? Diverters - $600
    Tips - $260
    S.S. 4"pipe $17/ft
    ss clamps ?
    Rubber hose

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    You might try this post over in the gear heads section, maybe somebody over there can give you some pointers.
    There is a guy who runs the local lakes around here with a Chapparal or Ebtide runabout that has the exhaust tips exiting the sides, looks pretty cool. He tells everybody it is a "hopped up" V6, but in reality he's got a 502 under there with some head work (who knows what else) and he runs 70. Pretty funny to see him out in front of some performance boats!

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