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Thread: Bravo 1 shifting????

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    Was out trying a new prop today. Running 98+ and all of the sudden the motor rev'd to the moon. Luckily I pulled her back quickly. Thought I lost a coupler. Got back to ramp, in gear, turn the prop, driveshaft inside boat doesn't turn But, there's no tell-tale clunking like I broke the upper gears. Get home, pull the top plate, gears are fine. The vertical shaft appears to turn, but not the gears. Could this be the result of something breaking in the shifting dog (or whatever it's called)
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    pull the back cover off and look at the shift assembly.

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    I have a set of factory XZ gears with bearings and top cap if you need them....
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    How did you end up with those? Are they new? Whatcha want for them?

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    I know that NB upgraded to the XR gears... he has XZ gears that have only about 60 hours on them. He upgraded to the XR gears a short time ago. I let him know about your request and I'll send you his cell phone in a pm.

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