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Thread: Rail kit for a v-drive...

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    I am going to go with a rail kit in my Spectra 24.
    I dont need a full lenght stringer set-up because my v-drive already has mounts. I just want to go 3/4 of the stringers and include the rudder in the rails.
    Who does this work and what should I expect to pay?

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    Are you just talking the angles and backing plates only, or motorplates too?

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    I need everything.

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    You can buy a ROUGH premade setup for 375 or so. I don't think it comes with motorplates. It will work, but you will have to do some of your own work to finish it.
    A nice setup would start out at 650 or so for a basics or something in the 1000 range for a custom setup with the rudder brace you are talking about. It is pricey, but you only have to buy it once, and it is custom made for your boat.

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    Brent, I made my own. I sure some of the guys on here can help you do the same.

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    Get some 3x3 alum. angle 3/16's thick for the rails. Cost around 65 bucks.

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    Buying material is not the problem, its making the parts.
    Do you have any pics of rail kits in cruisers? If so please post.

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    No photos! Should be just like a flat bottom don't you think? Just bolt the rails to the stingers on the inside , use a level on them. What kind of motor are you going to use? Do you have a bland saw?

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    Industrial Metals in Sun Valley will have everything you need to get it done. That and a bandsaw or sawzall and your set.
    When you send it out to be polished, they will do the clean up on the edges.
    Angle and flat stock and git busy.

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    You could have "wsuwrhr" Machine some cool Holes in your rails ETC......

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