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Thread: Aftershock Boats, HELP!

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    Curious George
    I am looking into buying an Aftershock boat and was wondering if you knew anything about them. I know they are fairly new and want to know more about haul design, durability, resale value, ets. Thanks.

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    I'm sure you will get a bunch of intresting responses. Take them for what they're worth. Listen to the people who have the boats and there are a few on here that have them like Scuba Steve and bordsmnj to name a few. What is your price range and boat you are looking for.

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    pm bordsmnj he is a 21ft shockwave owner.

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    If you're in the Aftershock price range you might want to take a look at the Laser line of boats.

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    Originally posted by boatnam2
    pm bordsmnj he is a 21ft shockwave owner.
    I think you meant a Aftershock owner.
    Essex, give the reasons to why you think Laser over Aftershock I'm sure he would like to hear opinions.

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    I have to admit honestly that I haven't any experience with Aftershock but do have a lot of experience with Laser's owners as they also own Essex. Essex and Laser boats are truly fine boats. That's not to take anything away from Aftershock - just stating an option in the approximate price range.

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    i mean he owns a aftershock.

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    Curious George are you buying a pre-owned one?
    If you want to know are they a good brand....then you should be satisfied. From what I have seen and read about the boats and the company they are a good value, well built and have a pretty good reputation.
    There are cheaper boats, as there are better built but more expensive boats. I'd say they are in the middle of the pack qualitywise as compared to the other Performance boats.
    Certainly way better than the everyday production boat. There are many Aftershock owners on here and they do like their boats.

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    Can't find the thread, but recently a member was getting a boat from Aftershock and when it came out of the mold, the gel scheme was not as he had ordered. I'm not sure how much (if any) bitching was required, but after he pointed out the problems, Aftershock built him a new boat. Sounds like a Stand-up builder to me!

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    no, the problem was aftershock built him EXACTLY what he ordered. it was a communication thing. two color fade is a two color fade. if you want it blended through three four or five colors yuh just gotta say so. No big deal. yeah i 've said it before and i'll say it agian i'm absolutley stoked on my boat. got A LOT of boat for the money. Aftershock definantly did not forget about me after they had my cash. i drop by there from time to time to bug them and check out what's coming out of the molds. always a nice experience. What model boat are you looking into?

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