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    Hey I was out at Windsor doing some "testing" yesterday and the Ranger said he had a "surprise" for next month. The price for an annual "unlimited" pass is going up. It's $75 now..going up to $100. If you guys use these, you may wanna buy one soon before the price increase !

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    H20 Party Starter
    Those Bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    They musta seen my new boat and figured I came into some money.

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    At least they aren't gonna stop selling annual passes like some were saying. I got mine there in december, and I got a pass too.

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    Thanks for the heads up I might try and get one when I'm there the 28th. I figure it only takes about 10 trips to Windsor for that annual pass to start paying for itself at 75.00, I guess we'll just have to go more if the price increases, oh damn!

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    Ivan Dan
    Anyone know if they sell the yearly passes online anywhere? I doubt they do but I just thought I would ask.

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    Bought ours last weekend when we were there.

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    Picked up ours last weekend also. Used it twice, so 6 more to go. We punched last years pass 65+ times. We just write the date on the back.
    Late, Mike&Kim

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