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Thread: 1978 Deaver Hydro " Wild Child" Less Motor

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    1978 Deaver Hydro " Wild Child" Less Motor
    This is Marvin Savage's old Deaver drag hydro. This boat has been stored since 1981. It comes with no engine, engine plates or headers. It does have a 1 1/8 propshaft, but no prop. It also comes with the rudder. It has a 10 % Casale V-Drive, but no idea what gears, but probably pretty tall since it was blown. It has an Ellis trailer. The paint is weak and the chrome fenders have rust, but it is structurally in good shape. The boat is also strusturally in good shape and the gel and paint are okay, but it has some scratches. I will list some more info later after I talk to Marvin about powerplants and performance numbers from when it was last run. This boat has some history and could make someone an awesome bracket boat or even a Pro Mod. Price is $5500 and you can email me for info at or call me at 254-889-3336. Thanks for checking it out.

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    Talked to Marvin last night and found out the boat hasn't been in the water since 1981. it last ran 198 mph with a blown alky hemi in 1981, 23 years ago. Pretty awesome......

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    Latest picture.Email for more pics

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    Can't believe no interested parties on this boat. It's apretty nice ride.

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    In my case, plenty of interest, lack of money .
    It looks like a nice boat!

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    I understand. Been there done that. It's a good price though...

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