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Thread: Hoss spotted at Lake Berryessa

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    Someone snapped this photo of Hoss at Lake Berryessa last weekend. Seems Hoss strayed out of the swimming area a little. Hope he was able to find his hat on the other end.

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    Jungle Boy
    Now his guns are gonna be ****ed.

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    Where`s the BayWatch girls?

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    Underwater trying to "save" you, thats why your face looks like it does.

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    Hoss seems finding trouble again, at least his close stayed home

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    Tom Brown
    It's a homophobe's worst nightmare, don't you think?

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    Rectum, nearly killed him!

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    Dave C
    thats REALLY funny because the locals call that the "glory hole"
    you know what glory hole means in frisco, don't you? :yuk: :yuk:

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    Is that considerred a sess pool?

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    Where exactly does that hole lead to?

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