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    I was looking at cam specs last night on comp cams web sight. Im curious what the advantage of a hyd roller over hyd flat tappet. Ex. comp has a hyd flat tappet 294/306 250/256 @.050 .554/.558 110 lobes and a hyd roller 290/296 236/242@.050 .515/.533 110 lobes. I understand that the opening and closing ramps are steeper on rollers and they open and close faster.
    My question is this, what the advantage of the roller given these two cams.

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    Roller will make more power. Problem is the lifters are heavy so good maintenance checks on the valve springs are needed. If not the spring will loose seat pressure and expensive problems can occur.

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    IMO those cams are far enough apart in specs that the flat tappet will make a few ponies more. Notice that the non-roller has more lift and duration accross the board.
    In an apples to apples comparison yes, the roller will make more power. Reason is exactly what you said, the steeper ramps giving more duration at lift.

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    What is the application? These cams are very different. The flat tappet has a fairly long duration for the lift. The roller is a much smaller cam. To compare flat to roller you need to look at comparable specs.

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