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Thread: outdrive noises

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    I have an Ultra 21 LX with a 454 and a bravo 1 , when it is in nuetral in the water with the drive all the way down it seems to be making alot of noise but Im not sure because I have never heard it run with the hatch up until this weekend,what do you guys think ?

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    hi luvmyultra,good question when you lift up your hatch inboards do sound pretty noisy.i had a 21ft ultra with a 350 mag stock exhaust and you couldn't even hear the boat running,but when you lifted up the hatch you could hear all kinds of noises.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I get noise from my exhaust flappers. Kinda like a clunking and/or rattling. Scary sounding, but no big deal.

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    What kind of noise? Is it a loud chatter only when the drive is all the way down and gets worse when the drive is turned max each way? Does it go away as you trim up?

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    Racing Ray
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    Havasu Hangin'
    Ray- sorry to hear about your subs. A few years ago, my motor pulled out of my stringers, but that's another post...
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    The noise is almost like a very quiet grinding not sure if that is the right word could be operating noise but i only have ran it with the drive down and straight ,but i just want Jason to look at if you think there is a problem Also he hasnt done any adjustments on it yet it has 25 hours now

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