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Thread: An update on Faith...

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    Yesterday Faith Nicole turned 3 months old. It has been a LONG 3 months with many overnite hospital stays and weekly Dr. visits. It all looks to have worked wonders. Faith is nearly 11lbs. now and is always smiling and happy. For the first time since she was born her team of doctors are please with her weight gain.
    Everyone on these boards has been so supportive and helpful in my families time of need, I just felt compelled to share all of our wonderful news and an updated picture.

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    that is very good news.. She is doing great.. and look how cute she is.. the dimples . I can't get over them.. she is beautiful. inside and out..

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    She's beautiful Dad!
    My middle daughter was born immunodefficient. She'd spend most of her time in the doctors office or at Loma Linda, almost like a bubble baby.
    Good thing I've got blonde hair or it'd be gray...
    She's 14 now and still my baby.

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    Mrs Luvnlife
    She is beautiful!! Glad to hear the good news, thanks for sharing.

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    Awesome, You are the proud parent of a future fiesty teenager who will let the boys know who is boss. She is a fighter.

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    She is Beautiful.. Glad to hear that she is doing Great. She is still in our thoughts and prayers...
    *** Grape Ape ***

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    great news!!! and she definitely looks happy!!!!

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    Thanks for the update,
    What a precious daughter you have. So glad to here she is getting stronger. God bless you and your family.

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    she is so beautiful and yes she does look so very happy. I bet she has worked her way into everyones heart,,,I am so glad she is well and that she is gaining weight. I have been thinking much about her and thank you so much for the update and "BEAUTIFUL" pic of your princess.

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    Great news!!!

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