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Thread: Lookin' for Alum. Spun Fuel Tanks

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    Anyone know of a retailer that sells new (or used) aluminum fuel tanks for my 77 Mantra jet boat?
    I currently have some that are 8.5"X48".
    I'm thinking of getting some dune buggy tanks modified to fit. They'll need a new inlet/fill tube. It currently is bigger than the common 2" that my boat has now.
    They're also a bottom feed and my old Russell stainless tanks use a straw type set-up that draws from the top. Any reason for this?

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    Call mark at (928)530-2944 he had a set or 2.....if he has them he will get them 2 u .........(mouzer)mike sent ya

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    HotRod Sprint
    Check out this post The last post on that thread mentions a set of tanks for a $100.00

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    Hey guys!!
    Thanks for the info. I will give them a call ASAP.

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    i too have the 8.5x48 stainless tanks, but mine are bottom feed, at the end of the tank. they also have three extra top fittings right next to the fill. not sure what they are used for. i suppose one could be used for a vent line.
    ive been looking around for aluminium tubing (9") to make my own tanks, but cant seem to find it anywere. ive found some 8" but its .125 wall. that means the inside would be 7.75" ID. at 66" long it would only be about 12 gallons. im trying to get more fuel cap. i dont mind useing stainless, but i cannot roll 66"wide sheet. anyone have any ideas?

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    the bottom outlet tanks were outlawed by the coast gaurd years ago. Get a hole in your fuel line, and you'll fill the keel with fuel for sure. Not as likely to happen with the top mounted outlets, but it can still happen. My howard has bottom outlets AND fiberglass tanks. Yikes

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    Originally posted by victorfb
    They also have three extra top fittings right next to the fill. not sure what they are used for. i suppose one could be used for a vent line.
    At least one of the three holes in the top are for return lines Victor. That way you're not deadheading the fuel pump. Results in a much more stable fuel pressure in your system. I sure wish my stainless tanks were plumbed for returns. In fact I should've had some bungs put in prior to installing them. My fuel pressure will fluctuate quite a bit from idle to WOT. If I had my system hooked up with returns, it probably wouldn't change at all.

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    i was thinking of useing hard line for the fuel lines from the tanks to the electric fuel pump. would this be a bad idea? it sure makes things look alot cleaner. the tanks have shut of valves on each, and im thinking if i run the hard lines up higher than the tanks and across the transum to collect to one for the fuel pump, that should be basically the same as pulling from the top of the tanks. i know there is allways a chance of blowing a line while running, but that wouldnt matter if it came from below or above right? that way the only place it could leak from is the valve fitting.
    thanks for the schematic. i printed it out and will try and duplicate it on the boat. it didnt have return lines before, but it does make sence to have one. thanks.

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