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Thread: red hot headers

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    talking headers got me thinking about my own set of bassett water injected on a 454, my question is they get red hot from the head to the point where the water is injected, i noticed it last year at night when i stopped an could see a red glow from the motor is this normal? i had the motor broke in on a dyno and the timing set at 43 deg.

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    Jet Hydro
    43 deg. Back it off man, you`ll have a melt down! Way to much timing

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    How long have you been runing your moter w/o43* timeing?
    If I tried that w/ my mine it wouldn't run across the lake.

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    What have you got for fuel system, sounds lean to me as well as time, fatten her up and slow the time, is that total or inital. They shouldn't be doin that.

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    Jet Hydro
    If he backs the timing off that will fatten it up. If you go to fat, you`ll be burning fuel in the headers, causing the same thing ( Red HOT Headers ) It`s a fine line to make it burn right but it`s not that hard to get it there and maintain it.

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    The timing is high but it is normal for the headers to get real hot between the head and the water injector.

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    Red hot headers are normal. Your timing is on the aggressive side of normal.
    I guess that was an echo huh, sorry TB

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    Run it at 36* total advance, and you'll be fine. That is as far as advance is concerned.

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    sorry it took so long to get back to you guys, first i run 2 - 450 holleys on a tunnel ram, msd etc. the guy who dyno'd it ran it on race fuel at first and i think that is where he set the timing i got 475hp then i told him to pull one run on 93 octane with my headers he pulled 425 hp i know he had temp sensors in his headers and i think that is how he adjusted the carbs, it runs like a raped ape so i never thought to touch anything except to switch the shooters when i got on the lake. i have been running like this for 1 season.

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    I'm not gonna tell you to detune it, if you like the way its runnin. But my guess is it's tuned for KILL mode, read those plugs, at the first sign of ANY detonation take some time out of it, your up against the edge, it's hell on chrome or paint for headers, but if it run good, run it. I personally don't tune that tight unless it's for the check on Sunday.
    Have Fun

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