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Thread: need a outboard

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    i am rebuild a 1968 horizon flatty . it had a 100 hp evinrude on it but i need more power. looking for a input on what i should put on her. she is only 16ft. please help

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    Tom Brown
    I'd put a Merc V6 on there. The weight should be pretty similar.
    How much do you want to spend? Carbed 200 Mercs can be had pretty cheap.

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    sorry dog
    Keith has some V8's available.

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    I have a 2.4 200hp complete motor for sale with less than 50hrs on motor and a CLE lower unit with low water pick up that has only 5hrs on it. On my STV it pushed it 93 mph. $3000 shipped
    THx John

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    Anything more than 150hp and you better make sure the transom and stringers are built like a brick sh*t house. I would recommend a 150 V6. Make sure the bottom is straight and you have plenty of setback. Good Luck

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    The weight of a 150 V6 is the same as a 200 V6 there is no difference.

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    I wouldn't want to run that boat as fast as a 200 will push it.

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    if a 150 is the same weight as a 200hp. would you u put the 200hp just to have the power in reserve ? please helppp

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    Hell Yes!!! And then add nitrous if you can afford to rebuild a little sooner than planned!!

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