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Thread: Magic's Wizard

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    Anyone know much about Magic's 29ft Wizard?
    How fast with a 525 efi
    They seem to make a great product
    I have looked at there cat's too

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    my .02
    Nice boats. Out Cole'd is about to take delivery of one of their cats and says the people have been great.
    Good looking hull.
    Mid to high 70's w/525???
    May try asking on Riverracerx. Couple magic owners there, at least one of them a 29' wizard. there is also a VERY nice looking 29 wizard for sale on that site in the classified sections

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    roln 20s
    I had a previous neighbor that bought a 2003 29 Wizard with the 525. I haven't seen him at the lake since last July or so, but before then he said he was already seeing 75-76mph on GPS. He didn't have external steering, something I think I would option for. Really nice package- he has nothing but great things to say about it. He won in ***boat last year for the boat names- his was "Living Lively" on his 29.
    Roln 20s

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    Chris Winn
    i have a new 04 magic wizard, and i love it. my only regret is that i bought the 496 ho (but that is really about to change).
    magic just added the hull hydrolic to the helm steering (very nice), our experience so far has been great!, let me know if you want to know anything else!
    attached is a pic of our boat:

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    Great looking boat Chris

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    Chris Winn
    thanks for the compliments,
    we have been happy with our boat, this is the 1st boat that my wife has been attached to.
    i would recommend Magic to anyone, but there are other good chioces out there too, i looked at shockwave, baja (my old boat was a baja 25ft), warlock, eliminator and the conquest v hulls and i found great traits in all of these boats. my choice came down to the fact that a good friend of mine has one (about a 95) with close to 900hp in it and it is still a stable good boat, and has held up well for him (i wish i could say the same for the motors that he runs).
    my.02 worth

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    Originally posted by SummerBreeze
    Anyone know much about Magic's 29ft Wizard?
    How fast with a 525 efi
    They seem to make a great product
    I have looked at there cat's too
    Our 29 Wizard will run 75-76 mph w/ a 525EFI. If you have any questions you can PM me or call me at 928 399 0398 Thanks

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    I wanted to thank the members of the boards for there input on the Wizard boats.
    The boards are great to have aplace to get the scoop
    Thanks again SB

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    I'm another Magic Wizard owner. I see 71 (GPS) on a great day and 68 all day long with a Merc 500HP. Closed deck and running a labbed prop.
    Here's a pic...

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    Is that boat for sale,
    if I remember correctly it was for sale at one time....

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