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Thread: what the heck is it?

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    Blown 472

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    that's a pass on by

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    Dave Sammons
    My best guess is that it's an early, early 60's Sanger. You don't see many of them around anymore. I did some work on an all wood one with a 392 that looked just about like this one(it's in socal and is for sale). The v-drive mount looks like a Sanger/Stellings as well. Also note the break in the gunnel next to the driver's seat. Sanger put one right there on the bubbledecks as well.

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    I agree def early 60s,not 70s...........

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    I like the plumbing and wiring. First class deal.

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    That is a stevens 17 footer

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    Yep, it's a Stevens I had one!.

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    Are you saying this particular boat is reported as stolen?

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    Read the details of the auction..... the guy obviously has no paperwork.... It looks as though he's getting a storage lien, abandoned title, etc, against the boat and trailer. In Arizona, you can gain title to a vehicle without paperwork by buying a bond and submitting it to MVD to satisfy any potential claims. If he knew for sure who owns the boat and the guy agrees to the value owed, then why wouldn't he just give up the title. I don't know the boat to be stolen, but the hassle of gaining legal title has a value that needs to reflect in the price!
    He's starting too high for a neglected, incomplete, undocumented old flatbottom with a halibrand that's located in Denver.

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