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Thread: Bravo 1 drive

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    whats the max h.p. you'd put to a bravo 1 drive, 26 ft boat, vee, weighing 4000lbs ?

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    470 HP

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    471. I'm a risk taker.

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    I believe the rating is under 500.
    They are out there pushing 650 and up driven VERY easy out of the hole apparently live a while.
    Force Cat last month in powerboat mag had 600+ w/stock B1

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    I am pushing a 22ft howard offshore with 650hp with stock drive and havent had any problems, just dont get ignorant with it

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    According to Mercury 2004 Brand Knowledge Product Handbook:
    Bravo One: 400HP
    Bravo One X: 450HP
    Bravo One XR: 575HP/600ft/lbs of torque
    I think these are very conservative ratings as I have seen much higher HP through these drives. As others have said, if you take it easy I think you can run over 500 HP through a Bravo One.
    On the other hand, if you have over 500 HP, why would you want to take it easy?

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    I'm pushing 650HP on a stock Bravo I

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    Being new to all of this. I see ads for 700-1000hp engines all the time. Even at the LA boat show these were the showcased engines. What kind of drive would you put on the back of these monsters?
    Actually, I remember some older threads that talked about "grenading" their outdrive due to too much horsepower.

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    If you want it to last this the only way to go.

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    Originally posted by hot_diggity_dog
    I'm pushing 650HP on a stock Bravo I
    HDD, your new avitar has a HP rating off the scale. Those buns look lethal.....

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