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Thread: Bravo One X drivw?

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    Lendon Smith
    Hey guys,
    I test drove a Ultra the other day that had a bravo one X drive on it. So whats the deal/ i have heard of XZ and XR drives, but not just an X drive. So whats the skinny? Is this one step better than a regular bravo one ?

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    The only Bravo 1 X drive I am aware of are for the Mercury Marine Diesel Engines. They make a Bravo 1X, 2X, and 3X for the Diesel Engines. For Gas Performance boats they the Alpha, Bravo 1, 2, 3, XZ, XR. Then also they make the three racing drives III, V, Six

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    The bravo 1 comes standard on all engines up to the 496Mag. They use the 1X drive as standard for the 496 Mag Ho. It apparently has stronger top cap, bearings, and ujoint. Or something to that effect

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    Havasu Hangin'
    Yeah..what those guys said.
    Bravo One- Mercs standard big block outdrive
    Bravo X-Bravo One upgraded for diesel applications, with a heavy-duty U-joint, upgraded thrust bearings, near-net forged gears, steel chimney, and thicker upper gear floor
    Bravo XZ- Beefed up Bravo X
    Bravo XR- XZ upgraded with straight cut gears

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    Havasu Hangin always has the answer to outdrive questions


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    Havasu Hangin'
    Havasu Hangin always has the answer to outdrive questions..Uhhh...Frank...I make half this shit up...but please don't tell anyone...

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