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Thread: Horse Power Paradise (Pics)

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    Well, yesterday I traveled to hot roding/boating Mecca, Westech. There is no better place to watch and learn about horse power. The facility is incredible and the guys at Westech are AWESOME. Everyone there is great and they definitely know their stuff. Down to earth good old boys who love power and will tell you straight. I guess that is why they do testing for all of the big dogs.
    When you first walk in to the door, you get an overview of the facility.
    Once you start looking around, you will notice that there is some very nice hardware in this facility. There was everything from an oldschool blown 426 Hemi with zoomies and a Kuhl blower to one of the new high compression 572's by Chevrolet.
    Once you get over the shock and start getting into the facility, you can enter the polygraph room. This is where the B.S. stops and the truth will be told.
    Here is a good look at the lie detector.
    Once the motor enters the dyno room, it gets hooked up. Below is a picture of the engine getting hooked up. This is no simple task. There are tons of sensors that have to be connected to monitor everything!
    Once the motor is all hooked up, it is time to warm it up. They do an exceptional job warming the engine up. The one thing that Westech does not do... is rush things! Everything was done right the first time.
    Once things are warmed up, Steve Brule (awesome guy and incredible with motors) goes in to adjust all fuel/air and adjust the idle. I was in the room while Steve was checking fuel/air and let me tell you, it will shake your brain! He wrapped the motor once to about 3500rpm and even throuh my earmuffs, my ears HURT!

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    When everything is taken care of on the bottom end, they start bringing up the RPM's. Again nothing is a rush. Slow and steady until they get to where they want to be. All controls and monitoring system comes by way of the dyno control.
    You get to watch the motor run in front of you while watching the controlls. In addition to the dyno control shown above, there is a state of the art computer system (which I didn't get a pic of) that will disply everything in detail from power curves, air mixture in each cylinder, etc. Everything is monitored.
    By the end of the day, I was very happy where the motor ended up. It puts out 946@5600 and the lowest we pulled was 4500rpm and at 4500rpm the motor was making 954ft/lbs of torque. (And I was wondering why I keep going through drives). Steve said that I could get an additional 100-200 H.P. if I wanted to run race gas, but I opted to stop there. I am only running 6.5lbs of boost and the motor is fat and happy. Ready to go for another season.
    When we were done with the tuning, we watched this guy run his car on their new chasis dyno. This thing is crazy. This car was a 9 second car. I watched them run it and I stayed back as far as I could. Every time they shifted gears, the car would lunge forward and I just started to pray that the straps would hold. They say that they have tested cars up to 1500hp at the rear wheels. About 3x as the car shown.
    The chasis dyno is over on their "hobby shop" side of the facility. This is the side that all of the toys are kept. There were a couple of vettes, some boneville cars, the cobra, street bikes, and some other serious hardware.
    I would like to thank John, Rick, and Steve over at Westech for being very professional great guys. This is the second time I have used them for dyno work and I will only go to them for any type of engine work. If anyone is thinking of having an engine dyno'ed give them a call. They will take care of you! Westech - (909) 685-4767

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    God damn man, after spending 6 hours with you sitting in traffic, I thought we were brothers!!!! Next time you have plans like that remember to call Justin!!!!!!!!!
    That looked like a lot of fun man.

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    ok. that was KEWL !
    i swear i think i started making motor sounds while reading and looking at that.

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    Originally posted by BADBLOWN572
    Here is a good look at the lie detector.
    Don't you mean Lie Projector? J/K
    Good numbers man. Is that still a 572? What heads are you running on that thing, and who built it for you?

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    Some serious cash at that place.

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    Yep, still a 572. Fairly mild in comparison to how it could be. We have a cam in it that is very tame so the motor can idle with no problems and still run hard. The heads are Dart 355 CNC heads. Blower Shop Blower, innercooler, and two Garry Williams Carbs.
    Dan Douglas from Midnight Marine built the motor for me. Meticulous attention to detail and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to build an engine. Reasonably priced and is a straight shooter. When I had fuel injection on the motor, it melted a valve. He only charged me parts to replace it and he pulled the motor out of the boat. He does stand behind his product.

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