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    Okay, so I do have to vent about my instructor in the BT school. One of the past graduates is Ashley, who is beautiful in a slutty way with a tight ass body and perfectly shaped large B cups. So she comes in today to study some more and is wearing a sheer low cut shirt that not only hangs open to basically give you a view of her nipples, but also gives you a perfect detail shot of her areolas from the front. She is throwing herself at the instructor, who is single, asking him when she can come to his house, when they are going out etc etc...then she says she loves to drink but gets a little "horny" after a drink or two so she can only go out with peeps that she trusts. He basically tells me that she's "too nice a girl" to go out with and I'm like WTF!!??!!?? she makes Britney Spears look like Rosie O' Donnell and gives off the "**** you all night" vibe nonstop. I'd hit that with a baseball bat and this guy is getting all moral? WTF??????????????????????He's a really nice guy so I restrained from bitch slapping some sense into him. She mentioned that she cleans houses sometimes and I was ready to race home and make a mess just so I could watch her bend over a couple times!!!!

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    He must be gay.

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    Was it Boozer?

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    Tell her your looking for a house keeper and offer her a drink that you are working on perfecting.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by HighRoller
    I'd hit that with a baseball bat and this guy is getting all moral? WTF??????????????????????[/QUOTE
    I'm going to owe you big time royalties, cuz' I'm gonna use the SHIT out of that line!!! LMAO!!

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    My wife...I mean my house is dirty. PLenty of drinks to get you horny...I mean ready....I mean want me or what?
    How about that?

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    And you're not asking her out because...?

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    Actually, I was thinking about using the ol' "you're very pretty have you ever thought about being a model" thing and then stuffing her full of booze before I whip out the digicam. Not that I've thought about it much... And don't worry, you guys will be the second to know if it works..How do you post pics again?

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