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Thread: Dumb question, debris in your drive

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    Ok, I just graduated from a jet drive to an alpha out drive. It takes some gettin used to but I am having fun! I ran through some thick grass at idle with the boat and I was wondering how do I keep the pickup pump from getting clogged on this stuff? Will it get sucked into the engine?

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    I wouldn't worry about the water intake....
    When motoring thru weeds, the prop will load up with vegatation... When you clear the weed patch/ shallow water..... Before you try to take off, Just pop it into Rev.,+ Give the throttle a good pump... This will Clear all the debris from your outdrive....

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    Havasu Hangin'
    You could always put a sea strainer on...that will separate and junk before it gets to the pump.
    If you are worried about the weeds, after you get out, you can always turn off the engine and reach your hand down there and pull any off the outdrive.
    Otherwise, the only trouble I've ever had was when a plastic bag got caught on my outdrive once (covering the intake)...temp went up, so I stopped and removed worries.
    I'd worry more about sand packing the outdrive intake and going through the pump and block than weeds. Try not to run the outdrive when near sand.

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    Cool, thanks! I did have sand problem with my jet. I ran it up on a sandbar once at idle. I later pulled the exhaust and heads, the block had lots of sand. Creates hotspots.

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    I have only experienced the plastic bag problem while owning an i/o, and that was much less costly than my outboard blues. With an outboard picking up grass can be a problem, if it makes it past the grate you have to hope it makes it past all the small diameter 90 degree turns to make it back out- I cooked a powerhead pretty quickly that way. Only good part of it was that my insurance covered a good part of it under "act of god".

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    79H dont worry about going through the grass and weeds to much just make the water is deep enough so you dont damage the prop, like bondo said if you load up the prop just pop it in reverse. What you dont want to do in use the drive to back out when beached, always push off to make sure you have clear water before putting it in reverse especialy if you have a lower water pick up, That is where you will pick up sand and rocks in your drive. When beaching I would get a good run at your spot and pop the drive in nutual kill the engine and pull the boat up the rest of the way by hand just to be safe

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