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Thread: Mmmmm, breakfast at my house

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    I'm in the process of cooking an awesome breakfast for tomorrow. I have two pounds of fresh chorizo, a mess of papas y cebollas, and a couple dozen heuvos.
    I stopped at the Plano Tortilla Factory and bought two dozen fresh flour tortillas on the way home from work.
    Anyone wanna come over???

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    MMMmmmm processsed pig lymph nodes. Gotta love Chorizo!!!

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    Yeah, there's just something about that bright orange grease that attracts me...

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    I hope you don't ruin it by cooking texmex style :yuk:

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    Can I get a side of chupa me verga with that?

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    sounds like wuna dem dare a good HARDATAC specials!

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    Originally posted by Mandelon
    MMMmmmm processsed pig lymph nodes.
    Man, my stomach is growling already :yuk:
    I like the stuff until that!

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