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Thread: Anyone Else Notice This?

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    HBjet's thread (http://www.*** gets locked because "This isn't the place for name calling or bad mouthing anybody. Take the Drama to the SandBar or better yet...E-Mails or PM's." but U C My Knutts' thread (http://www.*** is allowed to go on.
    Now it pisses me off to have to defend Chet but the moderation of this forum leaves something to be desired.

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    At least I was asking a question about Blown472's boat/motor and what his plans were without the blower, and estimated speed of the boat without the blower.
    I wonder why is was locked? Really...

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    i'm still wondering why a php based forum is run on a windows server...

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    Originally posted by Shaun
    i'm still wondering why a php based forum is run on a windows server...
    shhhhhh! it took us 4 mo to get the search fixed...

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    Blown 472
    huh, strange no name calling, just some homies talking boats and motors and shit. oh well, game on.

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    In short...
    That thread started out talking about Blowers on Engines...great!
    Then things started going south when the BS name calling started...
    Then were bringing someone's woman into thread....
    And the drama ball starts rolling again...
    Were not talking about boats anymore...but another Thread with more Drama.
    I've sat back and let Just Jets go it's with the Drama, now the complaints are rolling in again.
    Guy's...please lets keep it (some what friendly), lets talk Jet Boats, lets keep the Drama on the SandBar or better yet PM or E-Mail the person.

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    is the searching deal fixed? gotta check right now!

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