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Thread: New drives on Predator!

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    Went down to Larry's Speed & Marine yesterday to pick up my drive. Larry took us back and showed us Gary Smiths Skater sporting a pair of shiney new Weisman drives Man, are these things bad lookin'! Naturally I forgot my camera But Bill shot a couple of pic's with his phone camera. Have to get them.
    Anyway, these are fully polished. Supposedly the drives save a couple of hundred pounds of weight and use a 150 less horsepower to turn compared to the Dry Sump #6 he had on there. There are no vertical shafts, vertical motion is transferred via gears. All the machine work on these units were out there!

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    I read about this in Extreme Boat Mag. I was wondering how they made out. How soon before testing? PLEASE get some pics for us!

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    :eek!: :eek!: :eek!:
    Looks like the cat's azz!

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    Wonder what the price is and what props fit?

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    Dang......that is pretty wild. I have never even heard of them until this thread.

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    I am just wordering why the APBA banned them....wonder if Mercury had something to with that....sounds like a superior drive to the 6 so Merc pushed some political weight.....Ragamuffin was waxing ass with those drives.

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    And no Hooters trip. Shame on you.

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    Yeah, I asked ol' Billy boy today about the pic he shot of the drive, he promises he'll shoot them to me today
    The price for the drive is about 10 grand less than a #6 minus a tranny, transmission, that is About 25 G's.
    HD, Weisman is actually the company that came up with the dry sump #6. Then Merc incorporated it in production models.
    APBA supposedly banned them because they were better and cheaper than a #6 and after enough bitching from Merc, who was a big sponsor, so long Weismans!
    AZKC, you assume we didn't stop at Hooters, when in fact we did I posted a note about being dowmn your way, but it was a last minute deal, so I didn't think you or Chuck might see it. We'll be back!

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    You went to Hooters and KC wasn't there???
    KC, you feelin' all right there bud??

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