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Thread: Bypass fuel regulator ?

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    I currently use a 4 port Clay Smith regulator mounted off the side of my carb adapter. It is supplied by a -10 line from a Clay Smith pump and has 4 -6 lines going to the carbs. I want to go to a bypass type regulator. Is the Barry Grant bypass reg. satisfactory,(if not, what kind)? I am considering using the 4 port reg. as a distribution block, by removing the internals. Does the bypass have to be mounted near the distribution block or can it be installed in the -10 line near the fuel pump? Help !

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    I used the BG bypass regulator. I've only fired the boat up at the house at this point, should hit the lake Monday. From what I recall the regulator should be mounted as close to the carbs as possible. In the pic you can see the regulator at the end of the fuel log I made.

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    The bypass must be AFTER the carbs are fed otherwise you will starve them!....

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    Check out the mallory return regs, I use one on my deal and it performs flawlessly.
    I fed and returned with a 10, and ran 6's to each bowl.
    Now, IMO IF these guys are starving their carbs because a regulator is plumbed before the carbs, its because the pump their using cant keep up with the demand, so essentially they are "bandaiding" the problem by putting reg after the carb.( but I do see the bg hotrod pump is designed that way now ) I understand the boat guys have limited choices of fuel pumps that they can use with the moisture variable being thrown into the mix, so its easy for a car guy with endless pump options to say that.

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    I ran a Clay Smith mechanical pump plumbed directly to the carbs with a bypass set at 8 lbs after the carbs that I made out of a Hilborn pill holder, worked for years flawlesly!..

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    A fuel pump rated just above the actual fuel requirements of the engine with a bypass regulator is my first choice.
    The BG pump with a regulator requires almost 4 times what the engine actually needs. That should say something about conventional regulators.
    It is all personal preference. Each works good as long as all the components are properly selected.
    Like HEAVYBOAT mentioned. Boats should have USCG approved electric pumps on them. Not all performance boats do. Boats in general like to depend on as few electrical devices as possible.

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    Maybe I'm reading this wrong (or I'm retarded) but I don't understand what this is saying, Infomaniac can you elaborate on this:
    The BG pump with a regulator requires almost 4 times what the engine actually needs. That should say something about conventional regulators.

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    You probably saw this thread Choosing a fuel pump (http://www.***
    BG makes a pump that would feed a 2,000+ HP engine and only recommend it for 500 something HP.
    This is due to the restrictiveness of a conventional regulator, and G forces according to BG.

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    OK, not to change the topic of this theard, but I'm in the process of replumbing my fuel system and have a question about pumps. I'm not running a bypass regulator (but now I feel like I should be) but I am running 2 holley regulators (as their website suggests). My quandry is what size pump should I have? I have a Holley Blue, is that enough, should I use 2? I want to use an electric pump. The motor is a 496BBC, 6-71 running 20% over, intercooled, 2 Holley 750's yadda, yadda, yadda.

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    Have you read this tech article?
    Check it out.. some good info
    How much hp do you think its going to make?

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