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Thread: Anyone know this boat?

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    Dave Sammons
    Just picked up this 1981 Hondo. It came from an estate sale out of Arizona. The boat is completely original. It includes an Olson wing and complete old school snap-down cockpit cover. Judging by the strut, v-drive and engine locations it was set up for blown gas. The boat has been used very little and was owned by a guy who lived in Scottsdale. I'm am sure the boat made a few passes down the liquid quartermile in the early 80's. The name that was on the side of the boat was Chevy Power. All the striping is in the gelcoat so she clean up nice. I love those classic lines! Hopefully we'll get to the water this summer with a carb/blower motor. It's about 2boats down the priority list behind a cutomer's 71 hallet I'm restoring and a 71 Campbell I'm doing as well. The boat now belongs to my sister, and don't worry, the goal is to get her over 100mph at the NJBA, how cool will that be.
    Looking forward to any help

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    I do not know the boat , but it sure does look sweet!

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    Don't know any history on it, but that is a damn nice boat. Like the colors..........just have to lose the 8,000 snaps around the cockpit. :wink:

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    Lol's, nice picture Dave, & boat!

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    Dave Sammons
    I'm with you on the snaps, but, if you were going to the drags before the enclosed trailer days, this is the way all the big boys towed their boats. We'll build a brand new cover for it and go with the nostalgia look!

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    Dave Sammons
    Here's a shot of my sister in the boat. I told her she should name it BLONDE AMBITION.

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    WOW, That looks alot Like FLYTE RISKS Hondo?????

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    yo flyte did you sell the hondo?????????????it kinda does look like yours.........who is that in that pic of flytes boat smalls?

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    Originally posted by SUI-CY-COLE
    yo flyte did you sell the hondo?????????????it kinda does look like yours.........who is that in that pic of flytes boat smalls?
    !@_(*!@#(_%&*(#*& !!!
    Every time you post I end up like a deer frozen in the headlights....
    You need to either change your avatar or give me her address.....

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    Dave Sammons
    A comment was made about all the snaps around the cockpit. Just found this picture from the late 70's. Most people that know their flatbottom history will recognize the number (535). If you don't know, this is a shot of Crazy Horse, the fastest BFF of all time. Yea, if we were starting fresh there would be no snaps, but, you gotta admit, going down the road, it looks kinda cool with the wing stick'in out!

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