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Thread: Domn8er boats

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    little chubby
    I was wondering if anyone has heard of domn8er boats, and if they have any feedback on these boats. We are in the price range of $50,000-$60,000. Is there any other boats you would recommend in this price range. We like the closed bow, V.

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    Salty Cracker
    Last summer I sat in the Channel and listened to the sales pitch from the guy who built the first Domin8er, he had a 23'(I think) with a cuddy/open, the boat seemed big for a 23'. He told me he also made the hulls for Cheetahs, so I'm sure they are pretty well made. The boat looked real clean and well put together from what I saw, but that was after a six pack(at least).
    As far as other boats, how big are you looking @ for 50-60K?
    Try Barry @ Shockwave (909)898-9360, I'm sure you'll be pleased and if he doesn't have what you want, he'll point you in the right direction.
    Good luck!

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    little chubby
    We test drove the 23 ft. and it was a pretty strong ride.
    We are looking for a boat between 23-28 ft., probably a 25 ft.
    Thanks for the recommendations!!!

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    Salty Cracker
    Shockwaves 25' Tremor is an awesome ride, Barry will take care of you!!!

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    little chubby
    how much does the shockwave boat run . The domn8er boat with all the things we want will run about like 55,000 so how much do you think the shockwave would be. and how do they compare.

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    $50K - $60k will get you into a new Ultra. You could go with there 247XS or there new 24 Stealth. For under $50k you could get into a 23XS. I own a 247XS and I love it. I can't say enough nice things about John West and his crew at Ultra.

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    little chubby
    How do they compare .

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    Salty Cracker
    Try to get a ride in both the Ultra 247 and the Shockwave 25'. I have ridden in both and they are both great rides, However I found the 25 to be surprisingly bigger and It settled the issue. Believe me, call Barry at the # above and pick his brain...

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    little chubby
    I saw the ultra boat at the nor-cal boat show and they looked like a good boat but don't no that much about them.

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    Originally posted by little chubby
    I saw the ultra boat at the nor-cal boat show and they looked like a good boat but don't no that much about them.
    Do a search on here about Ultra and you can read all the positive responses from Ultra owner's. Ultra's been around for a long time and they seem to have loyal customer following. As far as Shockwave I looked at them also and I was close to doing a deal on a 25 Tremor. The one thing that swayed me to the Ultra was price. The salesman at Shockwave (Greg who I heard is no longer there) qouted me a price of almost $10K higher than an Ultra 247XS. But after talking to Barry at the L.A. Boat Show; sounds like they would have come way down on the price. The 25 Tremor is a lot bigger boat than the Ultra 247XS but they both met what I was looking for in a boat. I don't think you could go wrong with either builder. I hear nothing but positive responses regarding both builders. Good luck in your search.

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