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Thread: Bravo Drive Coupler

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    Any idea's on what a new one costs?

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    A lot...
    $320 from
    Don't know if that's the best deal but it's less than retail and I've had very good service from them the two times that I've dealt with them.

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    Thanks Brian,
    I found a brand new one for $240. So I guess thats a good deal?
    On another note, got the motor torn down over the holidays. Took everything down to a machine shop Sat. Looks like I didn't hurt it too bad. One new piston, all new rings, one new intake valve, a valve job, Bearings and gaskets and I will be good to go again. Looks like my big inch motor will have to wait?
    Laters ------ Tee

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    Yeah Tee that's a great deal, cheapest I've ever heard of. So did that aluminum block deal fall through? That would have been a nice piece. Oh well either way you'll still have a killer mighty mouse! You gonna make it down south this summer to kill some dinosaurs and barley pops with us?

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