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Thread: I just saw this over on S&F

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    Cactus Jack[/URL]

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    I never even heard of S&F until now.

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    Tom Brown
    Me either.

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    What the hell is S&F??? I clicked on it and it said my IP was BANNED!!!
    This is BLASPHAMOUS!!

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    Kim Hanson
    Whats up , it won't let on either.........( . )( . )....It's a pay site right? I knew it, those focker trying to make money

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    Kim Hanson
    Originally posted by Kachina26
    I never even heard of S&F until now.
    Unless your an ASS-CLOWN don't go there, the rules suck bad, they suck...they will ban you if you don't fit in, don't talk bad...they don't like swearing or confronting someone...they suck!
    ..........................( . )( . )..............There is another going in that direction! I really wonder what's up with banning shit!

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    You Te
    Once again the Scream and Fly guy's have it all wrong about the details.
    I do find their stupidity quite amusing, it's kind of the same when they talk about boats.

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    Forkin' Crazy
    They are pretty quick to condem him, that is for sure. Ignorance is bliss.....
    Oh, btw, your favorite person's (AZH) name was brought up........ I am thinking he had something to do with it....

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    You Te
    The FBI had nothing on Barney, that's why they let him go he was not arrested. This big time drug was pot nothing more.
    Barney needed a truck to move a boat, he went to this guy's house to barrow the truck, this guy was also selling pot and was under surveillance by the FBI.
    All the FBI saw was Barney get in the truck and drive away,they pulled him over and they found some pot in the back of the puck-up.
    Barney told the FBI all he did was barrow the truck to move a boat, the FBI told him they might want to talk to him later and they let him go.
    If Barney did know something he did not want to talk to the FBI so he left town.
    Barney is doing time because he left town and did not tell the FBI what they wanted to hear.
    What a great job the FBI is doing for our country.
    You Te

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    Tom Brown
    I didn't read that thread until just now. It would seem they have no need of facts or actual information. They're doing quite well without.
    They still don't know what an XR-4 is. A couple of them do but they stay quiet when someone pipes up with a bunch of misinformation.
    I don't have a lot of buying power myself but I know I'm not the only one who won't buy from a vendor who will only support Scream & Fly. That eliminates a couple of high profile vendors too. ... and the boycott group seems to be growing at a healthy rate.

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