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Thread: Help!!! Need T1 Help.

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    Ok, so We just recently had a T1 line put in at the shop and I was wondering if I could plug in my lap top and F%$&'in rock T1 Style!
    Yes My lap top has an ethernet port and it works but I can't configure it to conect!!!
    Do I need some sort of network program to connect to the line,
    Or do I need an account to connect??????
    any info is greatly appreciated

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    Tom Brown
    You cannot directly connect an ethernet cable to a T1 (or more correctly DS-1) cable. The T1 service will attach to a DSU which needs to connect to a router.
    You can connect directly to the router using a crossover ethernet cable (TIA/EIA 568A on one end and TIA/EIA 568B on the other).
    How-to: Ethernet cables (
    ... or just buy a crossover cable.
    As an alternative, you can get a switch or hub and plug all devices (including the router) into that. You're almost certainly going to end up with a switch or hub eventually, anyway.

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    I My mistake there is a router connecteed to the DS 1 line, but I dont beleive my Eth. Cable is a Cross over Cable.
    Thanks for the Info!

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    just to add to what Tom said. Depending on how the router was setup,the ISP probably gave you a block of IP# also So you will need those and the router will be the gateway and you need the DNS also. Maybe you already knew this though.

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    No, I didn't...
    What is a DNS again, and how do I get the IP# unblocked??

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    Tom Brown
    If you already have a DS-1 line, you probably have some IP address space. Your ISP will be able to tell you what those address(es) are and what your local gateway is (you'll need to know your subnet mask too). DNS is an easier nut to crack. Your ISP probably has an open DNS you can use. If not, they are easy to find.

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    HotRod Sprint
    DNS stands for Domain Name Services. What it basically does is convert an IP address into a name. Example IP address to www.*** Your ISP should provide an IP address to a Domain Name Server that provides the Name Service.

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