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Thread: I give up....

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    how do i post a photo ??

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    It's so easy even I can do it.http://www.***
    Keep trying we can help.

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    First find the pic online that you want or upload your own to http://www.*** then once you do that, right click on the pic select properties and highlight the information in the address line. Now, press ctrl+c , the pic is now on your clipboard on your PC. Go to your post or reply or whatever you are doing and click the button that says IMG , a box will pop up. Now, press ctrl+v, you will see the url appear in the box. Click on OK. Now try one and let us see how you're doing.

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    dang, i hope this works.http://c:/my documents/my pictures/socks

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    C:\Documents and Settings\Dean\Recent

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    No no no, upload it to the image center first

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    HotRod Sprint
    Hey Wildboats, I can't take the credit for this, Sidewound sent me this pm a while back explaining how to post a pic. follow these instructions, and you will be posting them in no time.
    OK Brutha here we go. If you have problems let me know.
    First you need to open the forum you are posting in and open the online image center in a seperate window so you can go back and forth.
    Start a post on the forums. When you get to where you want to post a pic amongst the text push enter on you keyboard to start a new line.
    In the new line type including the brackets.
    Then go to the window with your picture.
    1 left click on the pic to bring it to full size.
    2 Right click on the image A box will appear. go to the bottom entry and left click on properties
    3 In this box are several entries one of which is URL or Address.
    4 Right click on the url line. Another smaller box will appear.
    5 Left click on select all.
    6. Right click again and then Left click on copy. This saves the URL
    7. Go back to the other window with your post. Put the cursor behind the [IMG] you have already typed in. Right click and then left click on PASTE that appears in the little box. Your almost there!
    8. After the script that appears type in including the brackets.
    VOILA! Preview your post to make sure ya got it before posting.
    If you have any trouble let me know and I'll try to help.
    Or ya could email em to me and I'll post em.
    I know it sounds complicated but with a little practice you'll be posting up pics all the time.

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