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Thread: lowering and refurbing a trailer

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    Jake W
    I am going to lower my tandom trailer abbout 2 inches.What do you guys think just block it or should I cut and re weld the drop axles?
    Also where was it that people were getting the SS fenders.
    Also Hothallet what was the place ypou got the lights for youres at?
    Thanks Jake

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    I believe HotHallett got those lights from Extreme Trailers.
    Let me know what you end up doing to your trailer. I'm thinking about lowering my trailer some too, and moving the axles back a little as well. I think, at one time, my trailer was originally a V-drive trailer. There isn't a cut out in the back for a V-drive, but the way the boat sits, and where the axle location is, it has me thinking that's what it was intended for. It isn't the original trailer for the boat that's for sure.

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    If it's the trailer with the Gullwing on it, I always thought that it sit pretty low as it was. Going lower might cause problems with the back edge of the trailer dragging on some boat ramps, driveways, etc. How about putting it on airbags so that it can change heights? Then you could have the cool "down low" look, but raise it up when needed?
    Blocks would be the most straigtforward way. Cutting and rewelding the drop axles would be tough to keep the alignment of the stubs exactly straight.
    Northern Hydraulics has replacement axles cheap (about $60 apiece I believe) that will bolt right on and have more drop than the axles on that trailer (I think the Northern axles have 4" drop, I used them on my original Marlin Jet Boat). They are very nice and definitely worth checking out.
    The other thing you could do is cut and re-weld the spring mounting points on the trailer. I think you might be able to gain some room there without trying to re-fab the axles themselves.
    I don't know which lights you are thinking of, but LED lights are definitely the way to go. Much brighter, better looking, and will last much much longer than incandescent bulbs.
    I can't wait to go for a ride in the re-habbed GW.

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    Who cares about dragging the trailer as long as you don't drag the pump. I will be airbagging mine and my truck as well just because of the cool factor. I already have clear lights all around. Iwas thinking of the blocks because they are easy and cheap for like $40 you are dropped. Pep Boys sells the blocks. Blocks is the easiest least hassle way to go and I have never heard of any problems. Good luck.

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    Jake W
    Steve I want the trailer pretty low so that the tires are about 1 1/2 inches from the fender it should not be too bad as long as I keep an eye out.I want a ride in the old GW too.
    Moneysucker I am no stranger to putting bags on trucks but do not want to bag my trailer .
    The lights I would really like to use would be the Hitech lights you can clear over but think they will not work after being submerged.

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    If you are getting new fenders you could also mount them lower too. if fender clearance is all you are going for.

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    Bow Tie Omega
    while lowering it would be cool, be careful about hanging up your trailer on launch ramp transitions. If you have the dough, I think airbags would be the way to go just so you could jack it up when you have a hang up. I have seen some trailers get pretty messed up from bottoming out or hanging up on transitions. It would look cool though, good luck

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    fat rat
    I've been contiplating this project boat sit's to high and sometimes difficult to get on and off due to water level and shallow ramps.
    I would love to bag it, who is the best source for this setup? Does anyone have any pic's of a completed bag job? Do you have an on board compressor or external air source?
    Thanx, Rat

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    Just a thought,
    You did check to see if the axles are "on top" of the leaf springs right?
    I have seen some boat trailers with the axles "under" the leaf springs.
    Easy way to lower the trailer a couple of inches by having the axles on top of the springs.
    You can also have the spring re-arched to the desired height.

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    Havasu Hangin'
    I think Cyclone bagged his trailer a couple years ago...

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